Satellite Seminar 2020

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Group Works
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Schedule of the Seminar

Date:February, 25th (Tue) and 26th (Wed), 2020.

Site visits:

PM 25th: JFE Steel Chiba Works   => Cancelled due to corona virus risk              


Group Presentatio:

Seminar Place: Room B223, B1&B2 Bld, Suzukakedai Campus        


Program and Time Table: => 2020 SET_SS Modified program  (Feb 26, 2020).

Working group list of 2020SS

Group ID Name country
1 18M18640 BISWAS, Tanwi Bangladesh
1 19M18547 CHEN, Weichu Chinese
1 19M28037 AISNADA, An Niza El  Indonesia
1 19M28190 SHI, Jinpen  Chinese
1 19M51237 OMURA, Naoto Japan
1 19R51558 WALMAN, Adam Swedish
1TA 18M18099 JONGLEARTTRAKULL, Punus Thailand
2 18M18700  JIANG, Shuaifeng China
2 19M18270 NASIR, Muuhammad Indonesia
2 19M19009 HAN, Yalong China
2 19M28050 CHENG, Ye  Chinese
2 19M58191 ADEL ABDEHAMID SAAD, Ahmed Egyptian
2 19R51036 KEMPER, Marcel Dutch
2TA 18M28117 LE, Thi Trang Vietnamese
3  18M18739  LIU, Ziang  CHINA
3  19M18079 LEI, Yuhang Chinese
3 19M28132  BOYO, Li China
3 19M58558 CECILIA, Shandy Indonesia
3 19R51038 WARNER, Derek Netherlands
3 Visitor GALUPINO, Joenel Gales  Filipino
3TA 18M28324 ADI, Akylbek Kazakhstan
4  19M18760 AL MAHMUD, Hussain  Saudi Arabia
4 19M18180 THANAKUN, Putt Thai
4 19M28155 LIN, Zhengdan  China
4 19M58245  LI, Yilong  China
4 19M58446 IKHSAN, Natasha Agustin Indonesia
4 Visitor FLODELIZA, Eric Filipino
4TA 18M58644 TRAN, Duc Nhien Vietnamese
5  19M18085 LIAN, Tongda China
5  19M28468 ZHANG, Nan China
5 19M10915 MUNGUIA SANCHEZ, Mario Adrian Mexican
5 19M18903 WANG, Wansen CHINA
5 19M58268 PRAPHAPHANKUL, Nitipong Thai
5 Visitor MENDOZA, David Francis Filipino
5TA 18M58259 DWINANDHA, Dhimas  Indosesia
6  19M18665 WANG, Yuduan CHINA
6  19M38290  LI, Zhao China
6 19M11485 WONG, Josiah Siew Kai Malaysian
6 19M28238 MULIAWAN, Wibias Indonesia
6 19M58328 ZHANG, Wenyue China
6 Visitor BUN, Saret Cambodia
6TA 18M28531 SEN, Ahmet Turkish
7  19M18582  LIU, Chenxin China
7 19M15000 TIAN, Pei CHINA
7 19M18292 XU, Sanchuan China
7 19M28422 WIJAKMATEE, Thossaporn Thai
7 19M58570 USMAN, Muhammad Pakistani
7TA 18M58526 DAE, Hana Fauziah Puschy Indosesia
8  19M18429 WANCHAITANAWONG, Napat Thai 
8  19M8599  LIU, Zezheng  China
8 18M28353 HOSSEIN NEDJAD, Nasrin Iraninan
8 19M58239 KAING, Vinhteang  Cambodian
8 19M58593 WANG, Zihan Chinese
8TA 18M18343 YUAN, Peizheng China
TA_general 18D58173 KODIKARA, Dilini Chathurangi Sri Lankan

Titles and abstracts of the group works ( 2020SS):

 Group 1
"Future prospect and enhancement of Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) "
 Group 2
"Water Challenges for a Changing World and Sustainable Societies "
 Group 3
"How can we make sustainable energy truly sustainable? "

Group 4  
"Solar Energy in our Daily Life - a Bright Future "

Group 5  
" Renewable Energy Network Supported by New Material"  

Group 6

" "
 Group 7
"Kinetic Energy from Footsteps and Recycle Plastic-based Road Materials "

Group 8  
" Global Aspect on Coal Combustion Pollution Control"  

- PDF of Modified PPT files of group presentation 
(E-mail to Dr. Takemura, due on Mar 1)
- Reports of the group work with replies to the comments and suggestion in the seminar,
(E-mail to Dr. Takemura, due on Mar 1)
Note: Source of all materials taken or referred from the others, e.g., HP, books, should be cited in the presentation materials and reports.

Note for submission:  

Re of the mail :SET_Satellite seminar_GrNo (e.g. Gr1)

File names: SET_PPT(GrNo) or SET_Report(GrNo)


=>Questionnaire Excel file DL


Submission due on March 1
       NOT ONLY students BUT ALSO TAs should submit the questionnaire

   submit the excel file to Dr. Takemura<>

Note for submission 

   Re of mail: SET_Questionnaire

   file name: Questionnaire_SET202002_your ID